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Accident Claims Through Personal Injury & Compensation Lawyers: A Useful Guide

If you have been in an accident that was caused by someone else, you will want to seek compensation from the party at fault. It’s the job of personal injury compensation lawyers to help you establish your right to this compensation via legal means.

This will often involve court hearings, in which your lawyer will make a case for your claim. If your case succeeds, the party at fault will be obliged to cover the cost of your injuries from the accident. These costs include medical fees and wages lost during periods of incapacitation.

When Do You Need Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers?

You can ask a personal injury solicitor for help if your situation falls within any of these categories:

  • You have been in a situation that has caused you injury or made you seriously ill
  • Work Accidents
  • There are several parties involved in the incident that led to your injury
  • You are not sure whose fault your injury was
  • The insurance company concerned is failing to pay compensation

Inquiries about situations in these categories may eventually lead to a case being filed if it’s established that such a case is warranted.

Note: Insurance companies may be less inclined to withhold payments if your injuries don’t require substantial medical treatment, or if they haven’t forced you to take extended time off work.

Alternatives To Hiring A Lawyer

There are other ways to seek compensation after an accident or injury, besides going before the courts. You could try any of these means:

  1. Write A Letter

    This could work if it’s not a serious injury, and you are open to settling the matter with the party you believe is at fault. You may make a complaint through an established channel where it exists.

  2. Use Mediation

    Another option would be to have a third party mediate a resolution between you and the other party concerned. Mediators are trained to take on this sort of task. As a rule, they have no vested interest in the outcome of the process.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Charge?

Typically, personal injury and compensation lawyers work on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means they do not charge you a fee for their services unless they win the case on your behalf. However, you may still have to pay court fees, the experts you consult, and traveling expenses.

Note that you will also pay the other party’s legal costs if you lose the case. You will likely have to take care of this through your insurance company.

You may be expected to pay the solicitor a fee if they help you win. The other side could also cover your legal expenses in this instance.

What Is Your Role In Making A Successful Case?

While it’s reasonable to trust a lawyer with building a strong case on your behalf, you do have a role to play in ensuring the success of your case. Here are some things you can do in this respect:

  1. Check Your Insurance Policies

    Examine your insurance policies to ascertain that they include legal expenses insurance. If they do, find out what kinds of legal expenses they address. You may also have legal cover if you are a member of a trade union.

  2. Keep Evidence From The Scene Of The Incident

    Another option would be to have a third party mediate a resolution between you and the other party concerned. Mediators are trained to take on this sort of task. As a rule, they have no vested interest in the outcome of the process.

  3. Document Financial Losses

    Note all costs that you, your friend, or family member incurs due to your accident. Hold relevant financial documents, including receipts, where they are available. These will help your lawyer in determining the amount to be claimed.

  4. Work With A Consultant’s Medical Report

    Have a medical report of the physical and mental injuries you sustained from the accident. This will also prove useful for calculating the total claims you should request. Get the report from a consultant if you can. The assessment may be less-than-adequate if you rely on a General Practitioner alone.


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Personal injury compensation lawyers can help you establish your legal right to compensation from a party whose action (or inaction) has caused you harm. You can rely on them to build a robust case on your behalf. You can also take the steps suggested in this article to improve the prospects for an outcome that is favourable to you.

It’s a complicated and long procedure where you have to correspond back and forth with different parties. A simple mistake or an oversight could result in your case being dismissed or turning for the worst by you having to bear all the costs.

It’s the job of the third party and their team to prove you wrong and avoid paying YOU! So get a good solicitor behind you to fight your case. You deserve fair compensation so why take a chance. Get the right personal injury compensation lawyers for your claim today.