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How Much Do You Get For Fracture or Broken Bone Claims?

Often, one is left wondering after injury, “how much compensation will I get for my broken arm?” or “how much compensation for my slipped disk?” This section of the guide will assist you in determining how much you are entitled to for certain accidental injuries. The more severe your injury, the higher the fracture or broken bone compensation amount you will be awarded. An example of this would be the compensation pay-out for a broken or fractured leg may not be as significant as the compensation pay-out for a back injury. The final amount is dictated on whether the injury induces long term complications.

Similar cases can have different outcomes. For example, a broken leg can be considered a severe injury, as your movement is greatly inhibited. The healing time for a broken leg is usually months, however sometimes the aftereffects can leave the victim with different complications such as a limp, or constant pain and discomfort. Therefore different factors come to play when trying to determine the compensation payouts.

Similarly, the effect of a broken back can take anywhere between months to years to heal properly. Despite the two injuries being superficially similar the payouts would be different as the healing times were not the same as one was a few months and the other more than a year etc. As it is impossible to foresee the long terms effects on your personal injury, you would be entitled to compensation for the loss of your enmity, ability to move around or earn money.

The diagrams below simply entail the difference between injuries and pay-outs, with reference to some of the cases which we have worked on ourselves. Please remember these are for reference and a guideline only.

Fractured Ankle

£10,300 - £53,100

The fracture to the ankle does not allow for your weight to be supported adequately. You can no longer stand. Severe swelling may also be present, with black and blue bruising around the affected area. You may also require some sort of assistance to get around.

Fractured Wrist

£2,550 - £44,500

The fractured wrist is unable to remain stable. Acute pain and bruising. This injury can often cause deformations in the wrist. In some cases, patient may have been given splints due to the lack of stability.

Fractured Skull

£1,500 - £250,000

This injury is considered one of the most severe. A fractured skull can have detrimental effects such as intermittent confusion, depression, dizziness, headaches, memory loss, loss of sleep, and a plethora of other problems.

Fractured Rib

£45,200 - £95,000

This injury is considered very serve, as the ribs protect our vital organs. This injury is particularly debilitating as it hinders normal breathing functions.

Fractured Elbow

£3,100 - £42,250

A fractured elbow can disrupt sleep, cause stiffness in the entire arm due to the inability to move it, as well as pain and general weakness.

Fractured Finger

£375 - £69,330

Fractured fingers can disrupt the ease of even the most basic tasks. Often forcing most to learn how to use their other hand.

Fractured Foot

£5,300 - £11,050

This injury disallows for movement and can require you to use a wheelchair.

Fractured Vertebrae

£350 - £9,850

This is considered one of the most severe injuries, which can lead to permanent paralysis.

Fractured Toe

£4,500 - £43,250

This injury makes walking painful, as well as footwear difficult to wear.

Fractured Clavicle

£3,900 - £9,300

A number of factors to be considered, for e.g, whether the union is displaced anatomically, if there is any permanent or temporary residual symptoms, how bad the fracture is, & the level of disability.

Fractured Cheekbone

£12,200 - £27,300

This fracture can severely effect speaking and eating.

Fractured Knee

£8,000 - £62,500

A fractured knee makes it near impossible to walk or move around as normal.

Fractured Pelvis

£29,600 - £99,500

A fractured pelvis does not allow for walking and especially limits other kinds of movement.

Fractured Shoulder

£9,500 - £37,000

This injury can cause stiffness, weakness and induce lack of sleep due to the pain from lying down.

Fractured Hand

£22,500 - £47,750

This injury completely inhibits a persons ability to practise basic tasks, such as caring for themselves.

Fractured Thumb

£375- £69,330

A fractured thumb can cause significant problems, preventing people caring for themselves.

Fractured Knuckle

£375- £69,330

This fracture can inhibit people from completing basic tasks like caring for themselves.

Fractured Humerus

£3,100 - £42,250

A fractured humerus can cause serve stiffness, weakness in the arm and a general lack of movement.

Fractured Tibia

£21,750 - £104,100

This fracture makes walking and moving around impossible.

Fractured Sternum

£21,750 - £104,100

An injury to the sternum can result is serve breathing difficulties.

Fractured Spine

£29,750 - £123,300

A fractured spine is considered a very serious injury and can severely limit any movements.

Fractured Scaphoid

£22,500 - £47,750

A fractured scaphoid can cause severe pain and limit ones ability to perform basic tasks.

Fractured Femur

£21,750 - £104,100

This injury can result in mobility issues.

Fractured Jaw

£12,200 - £27,300

A fractured jaw is incredibly painful and can limits ones ability to eat, rest, speak and sleep.

Fractured Nose

£12,200 - £27,300

A fractured nose can cause significant pain and disruption to ones daily activities.

Fractured Patella

£8,000 - £62,500

This injury entirely limits ones ability to walk and get around.

Fractured Tooth

£12,200 - £27,300

A fractured tooth can limit basic self care functions and require minor cosmetic surgery.

Fractured Big Toe

£4,500 - £43,250

A fractured big toe limits walking and can cause constant pain.

Fractured Forearm

£5,000 - £45,500

A fracture of the forearm limits the movement in the arm and restricts your lifting capabilities.

Fractured Neck

£19,000 - £99,500

You will require the use of a wheelchair, as this injury disallows you from supporting your weight whilst walking.

Fractured Coccyx

£350 - £29,750

A Fractured coccyx can cause pain when sitting down and standing up.

Fractured Metatarsal

£4,500 - £43,250

This injury limits walking capacity greatly. Some cases have caused complete immobility due to the pain.


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Fracture or Broken Bone Compensation Amount Guide.

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