When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Claims Solicitor?

When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Claims Solicitor?

If you suffer serious injury from the action or inaction of other people, it is within your rights to seek compensation from them. By working with a personal injury claims solicitor, you can establish your claim before a court, and win a favourable settlement for your injury from the party at fault.

But it is not always clear under what conditions such a case should be filed. Uncertainty may exist about the type and degree of harm that could warrant the building of a case in the first place. Questions around the strength of any eventual claim are also important.

This article examines the scenarios in which a personal injury lawyer will likely go ahead with legal action of this kind.

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What Type of Injuries Can You Seek Compensation For?

1. Harm Caused by Slips and Falls.

You can institute a case against someone if you believe they were responsible for an injury you sustained in a slip-and-fall incident.

This sort of occurrence is typically caused by structural defects in the surfaces or platforms involved. For instance, a fall may result from uneven or collapsing staircases, slippery floors, or unsuitable surface coverings. You could demand compensation from a person/establishment if their omission or actions caused the defects that led to your injury.

2. Injury from Car Accidents.

Car accidents account for a significant fraction of personal injury claims in the United Kingdom. This is due to the potentially serious harm that may arise from these accidents and often a higher likelihood of establishing the culpability of the parties at fault.

3. Medical Negligence.

Medical personnel could administer the wrong treatment for an ailment or prescribe drugs in doses that are harmful to patients. If these mishaps or malpractices cause harm to a patient, that patient can file a claim against the medical service provider or medical staff at fault. Surgery or operations can go wrong and if they happen then you are also entitled to make a personal injury claim.

4. Toxic Exposure.

A personal injury claims solicitor can also help you if you have suffered the effects of toxic exposure. This may have happened at work, in a polluted neighborhood, or at any other spot that you have visited without knowledge of the toxins present.

5. Character Defamation.

The law recognizes injury to a person’s character by speech or writing that deliberately tarnishes their public image. You will need to establish that the party at fault had acted to slander or libel you.

In What Situations Should You Consult a Personal Injury Solicitor?

You should reach out to a solicitor if you are in any of these situations:

1. You Have Suffered Serious Injury.

It’s in order to file a claim against another person if they have caused you an injury that significantly reduces your quality of life. The harm done may range from a moderately bruised foot to a severe back or neck injury. This will require working with a personal injury lawyer to see the case through in court.

2. Your Injury Has Caused You Permanent Disability.

Permanent disabilities caused by accidents may include partial sightedness or a complete loss of sight. Or it could be paralysis due to an injured spine. Whatever the disability, you can push for compensation that covers the associated costs with the help of a personal injury claims solicitor.

3. The Insurance Company Is Failing to Pay.

Sometimes, insurance companies will be reluctant to pay compensation. They may drag their feet on this until a lawyer makes a legal case, and the courts rule in favour of the claimant.

4. There are Several Parties Involved.

Your case will be more complicated if you are making claims against multiple parties. Dealing with one insurance company is tough enough. Engaging with several is something you would rather have an experienced solicitor handle.

5. You Need to Determine the Compensation Size.

A lot goes into determining the compensation you should seek. It’s possible to arrive at a rough sum by adding your costs up. But it may take an experienced lawyer to weigh all the relevant factors and arrive at a fair value.

If you are working with a lawyer, you should supply them with information that will be relevant to arriving at this estimate. This includes your medical bills for treating your injury, spending on support for your disability, and the wages you have forgone due to your injury-induced break from work etc.

Final Words.

The road to making a successful claim can be challenging and complex. You need a skilled lawyer to wade through the legal technicalities and help you achieve justice. A personal injury claims solicitor will do this for you. A knowledgeable and skilled lawyer can build a strong case and raise your chances of winning the compensation you seek. Keep in mind that most personal injury claims have a time limit of 3 years, meaning that court proceedings must start within 3 years of you first being aware that you’ve sustained a personal injury.

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