Hiring A Fracture Compensation Lawyer In UK For Workplace Injury Claims

Hiring A Fracture Compensation Lawyer In UK For Workplace Injury Claims.

If you have suffered a fracture in the course of doing your job, you can claim compensation for your injury from your employer. A fracture compensation lawyer in UK can help you seek legal redress at the courts and win payments from the party at fault.

Fractures deserve special attention because they can significantly alter the quality of one’s life. Depending on their nature and extent, they may leave the affected person out of work for a long time or for the rest of their lives.

Understanding the law’s position on this issue lets you know what kind of compensation you can claim, and how working with a lawyer raises your chances of securing it.

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What Is A Fracture?

Medically, a fracture is a crack in the bone. It is either a partial break or a full split. This differs from a dislocation, a situation in which the bone moves (or is moved) out of its original position.

Signs associated with fractures include bruising, swelling, limited movement, bent arm or leg, an inability to bear weight, and a crunchy feeling in the bone.

A medical professional can detect a fracture with the aid of an X-ray. The results from the X-ray are crucial for determining the type and extent of the injury.

Common Fractures.

Some common fractures include:

  • Hairline Fracture: In this case, the bone cracks but doesn’t fully split.
  • Displaced Fracture: The bone is cracked, and the affected portions do not align. This misalignment can be corrected by a medical expert who puts the portions back in line before applying a cast.
  • Simple Fracture: In a simple fracture, the bone is split in one place. It usually remains in its position and doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue. This crack could run a fairly straight course through the bone, take a slant route, or appear along the bone (top to bottom).
  • Compound Fracture: The bone is cracked or broken in multiple places in contrast to a simple fracture.
  • Stress Fracture: A stress fracture develops over time due to pressure repeatedly exerted in the bone. This might happen if your job involves continuously stressing and straining certain parts of the body.

When Should You Claim Compensation For Workplace Injury?

A fracture compensation lawyer in UK could help you claim damages from your employer if:

  • The fracture was caused by defective infrastructure that your employer could have fixed. For example, a fall from a faulty staircase or excessively slippery floor at work - problems your employer should have rectified beforehand.
  • The fracture happened because your employer failed in their duty, e.g., they didn’t provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or did not train you adequately for the task that caused your injury.
  • The work process that resulted in your injury was unsafe yet sanctioned by your employer.
  • Your employer acted in ways that were likely to cause you harm. This would include acts of violence perpetrated against you or some non-deliberate measure that led to you getting hurt.

The Types Of Damages You Can Claim.

In making a claim, you can claim damages for the following:

  • General Damages: Compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced due to the fracture.
  • Special Damages: The expenses you have incurred as a result of the injury: medical costs, travel expenses, lost income, etc. You should keep records that can authenticate your claim in this regard, such as receipts and other financial documents.

Why You Should Hire A Fracture Compensation Lawyer.

If your situation meets any of the above conditions, you can hire a fracture compensation lawyer from the UK to help you win damages.

There are several reasons why you need a lawyer to help you with this:

  1. An experienced lawyer knows how to build the case for legal liability.
  2. A lawyer can help you determine the appropriate compensation value to seek.
  3. The party at fault will take your compensation claim more seriously if a legal expert presents it.
  4. If your case goes before the courts, you will be expected to have a lawyer presenting it on your behalf.

No Win, No Fee Service.

Fracture claim solicitors often work on a no-win-no-fee basis. That is, they will not charge you for their services unless the case is won. This ensures that you only pay when there is compensation that you can draw from to settle legal bills.


The journey to winning compensation from an employer can be daunting, especially if they are uncooperative. By working with a lawyer experienced in these issues, you can raise your chances of securing an outcome that is favourable to you.

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