Claiming Compensation For Fractures & Broken Bones

Claiming Compensation for Fractures & Broken Bones.

An accident that leaves you with a fractured or broken bone can be as agonising as it is frustrating.

When A-list Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, broke his ankle while on the set of a movie in London – the headlines were awash with the report. Likewise, fractures or broken bones suffered by mega celebrities attract a lot of buzz.

However, for regular people, a fracture or broken bone does not make the headlines. Instead, it signals a painful and frustrating period that equally brings normal life to an excruciating halt. It's no wonder people go on to pursue fracture compensation for their personal injury.

Ironically, our modern lives are encouraging more activities that increase the chances of suffering a fracture.

The Trampolining Madness.

Following the surge in indoor trampoline parks in the UK, the NHS has expressed concerns over the increase in callouts to several trampolining locations, to attend to a fracture or broken bone related injury. As reported by the BBC, there was a total of 293 attended cases in the North West to trampoline parks – the highest amongst ambulance trust within the same period.

Work Commute.

The race to be punctual for work continues to increase the accident tally. In 2015, The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) quoted self-reported, non-fatal road traffic accidents to commuters at 220 per 100,000 and an increase of 40 from the previous year.

Broken bone or fractures accounted for 7% of the total sum. This is excluding other common commuting hazards such as cycling in heavy traffic, running up and down escalators, and jumping on and off trains and buses.

Workplace Accidents.

Surprisingly, the 2016/17 report released by the HSE revealed that workers sustained 609,000 non-fatal injuries. The chief causes of fracture and broke bones related injuries include lifting or carrying, handling, getting struck by a moving object and trips and falls.

Living Longer.

A somewhat disadvantage of a healthy population with a high life expectancy is the extra wear and tear on the body - specifically, the bones.

Trips, slips, and falls that cause fractures and broken bone-related injuries are a serious health concern for senior citizens. Besides the normal distress and pain, the emotional effects can include loss of independence and mobility, depression, anxiety, and an overall poor mental health. Furthermore, older people are vulnerable to a condition called osteoporosis – leaving them prone to fractures.

Woman Takes Legal Action Against Trampoline Park After ‘Hearing Her Back Break’ During A Trampolining Frenzy.

A woman who supposedly broke her back while trampolining has launched a legal suit against the owners of a trampoline park in Chester Park, Cheshire.

Claiming to have heard her back crack, Sarah McManus recounts that she felt winded as she landed following a flip.

The 29-year-old was said to have leaped from a four-metre high ledge with the intention of landing into a foam pit when she broke her back. She joins three previous victims that have suffered a similar fate at the ‘tower jump’ attraction at the same park.

Left with almost no option but to signal for help by launching foam sponges into the air, Sarah has proceeded to file a suit over the severe injuries she sustained, as reported in the Manchester Evening News.

Resigned to wearing a back brace, Sarah asked solicitors to bring a claim against the Chester park.

Miss McManus, who sustained a fracture to her T12 vertebra, narrated: “I followed the instructions on the sign and landed in the seated position as suggested, but when I hit the foam, I heard a crack in my back and felt like I’d been winded."

“I was barely able to breathe and couldn’t shout for help, so I had to throw some of the foam sponges in the air to get attention.”

She continued: “I was eventually fitted with a back brace that I wear daily and only remove it to shower and sleep.”

Miss McManus also claimed that she sent an email to Flip Out, informing them about her injury and raising doubts over the safety of the equipment, but never got a response.

In the aftermath of her injury, three other people – George Magraw, Ceri Jones and Liza Jones – all supposedly sustained back injuries on the same attraction, which has since been changed.

It is unfortunate that serious accidents like these are happening, and for four people to suffer the same fate in a month is simply unacceptable.

A spokesman for the park said: “Since opening in December, more than 200,000 people have visited Flip Out Chester and we have an excellent safety record.”

“Safety is our number one priority and we strive to ensure that everyone who visits can enjoy all of the activities in a safe environment.”

“We welcome feedback from our customers and we are investigating these claims to establish exactly what happened.”

“We have replaced the tower jump with a new battle beam attraction.”

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    hearing your back crack sounds horrible and can imagine how painful that could be ouch! if the poor woman followed instructions then the park is at fault - simple

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