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What Are The Most Common Types Of Fractured Bone To Make A Claim For?

There are various kinds of fractures. However, some of the most common ones that claims are filed for include:

Hairline Fracture - A hairline fracture is a superficial crack to the bone that does not go all the way through. Like the name implies, this crack on the bone appears like a hairline on the surface. Typically, this type of fracture will go unnoticed by most people. However, it is not uncommon for hairline fractures to cause pain or discomfort. Keep in mind that if left untreated or put under stress, a hairline fracture has the potential to cause your bone to break.

Simple Fracture - A single crack to the bone that does not damage the surrounding skin or tissue is known as a simple fracture. Usually, this type of fracture will not displace the bone, so the bone would retain its usual shape and will typically not require any form of manipulation to put it back in place.

The fracture can either be oblique (a slanted crack across the bone), transverse (a straight crack that runs through your bone) or longitudinal (a horizontal crack that runs across the length of your bone). Simple fractures are generally treated by applying a cast and allowing ample time to heal.

Displaced Fracture - A displaced fracture implies that the affected bone is now misaligned at the point of fracture. A displaced fracture will usually require expert medical intervention and manipulation to realign the bone before a cast can be applied.

Compound Fracture - A fracture to the bone that has occurred in multiple areas is known as a compound fracture. On the other hand, a single fracture is known as a simple fracture.

Spiral Fracture - A grievous fracture caused by a twisting force is called a spiral fracture. Such fractures are usually severe and present several complications.

Stress Fracture - A stress fracture is a type of fracture that occurs when a bone cracks after having been subjected to prolonged or repeated forces of stress and strain. Claims for stress fractures are common in sports training or workplaces where manual handling is common.

Children Related Fractures, Buckle & Greenstick Fracture - Often limited to children, buckle or torus fracture refers to a situation where instead of the bone fracturing, it deforms to prevent a fracture. This type of fracture can only happen in children since their bones are underdeveloped and flexible.

Greenstick fracture – occurring only in children, describes a condition where a bone cracks on one side but does not result in a break. Here, the child’s developing bone is more flexible, and so rather than crack all the way or break, the bone bends or deform.

Other Fractured Bones - There are also several other types of fracture that you can sustain including an avulsion fracture (a condition where an overworked muscle misaligns from the bone prompting it to break), a compression fracture (spine-related fracture), impacted fracture (when a bone comes into forced contact with another bone causing it to break – this kind of fracture is common in high impact scenarios such as road accidents).

fractured clavicle


Fractured or broken clavicle, also called a broken collarbone, depicts a fracture of the clavicle bone. Symptoms can range from pain at the fractured area or a reduced range of motion in the affected arm.

fractured arm


Fractured or broken arm. Fracture of one of the bones in the arm accounts for more than half of the fracture cases in adults. In children, the most common type of arm fracture includes a broken forearm or a broken collarbone.

fractured leg


Fractured or broken leg. This depicts a fracture or crack in one of the bones in the leg. Common causes include falls, sports-related injuries & vehicular accidents. Treatment for a broken leg will vary based on the severity of the injury.

fractured foot


Fractured or broken foot. A fracture or crack in one of the bones in the foot. Causes include a slip & trip or a car accident. Severity will vary based on cause & can range from small cracks to a visible break that pierces the skin.

What Do You Do If You Have Fractured or Broken A Bone In An Accident?

Taking the appropriate actions is vital to increasing the odds of you winning any fracture and broken bone compensation claim. At this point, the best step you can take is to contact an experienced personal injury solicitor. Once you have decided to contact us regarding a claim, don’t allow the thought of legal or consultation fees to dissuade you from taking that all-important first step. You will be pleased to learn that all our professional in-house solicitors offer free consultations. This means that you and any of our experienced injury solicitors can first get to know each other and discuss the details of your claim before deciding whether or not to pursue further legal actions.

This arrangement is perfect for you since you stand to lose nothing by scheduling a free consultation with us. Regardless of the outcome of the free consultation, you will certainly have learned a thing or two about your potential personal injury claim and whether or not it is worth pursuing.

The personal injury solicitor will have a comprehensive look at the details of your case, reviewing all related documents, and where necessary, consulting with other experts to help you build a strong case. If required, you may be asked to get more supporting documents to strengthen your case.

What Can I Claim For If I Have A Fractured Or Broken Bone?

General & Special Damages

General damages focuses on the kind or severity of pain suffered. Special damages can be claimed for any expenses below:

Medical Expenses

These include any cost incurred as a result of prescription medicines or medical treatments.

Care & Travel Costs

Any cost incurred as a result of any travel necessitated & compensation for any expenses under care costs.

Loss of Earnings

If you had to take time off work & you weren’t receiving full sick pay, then you can file for a loss of earning compensation.

How Do I Claim Compensation For A Fractured Or A Broken Bone At Work?

Under both the Management of Healthy and Safety at Work Regulation of 1999 and the Health and Safety Work Act of 1974, employers are directly liable for the safety and health of their employees in the workplace. An employer that does not take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of its employees is said to be negligent in its duties. There is a plethora of jobs that can cause a broken or fractured bone, including but not restricted to:

  • Supermarket employment
  • Construction work
  • Automotive jobs such as truck or taxi driving

A few activities that may cause a broken or fractured bone injury in the workplace includes but is not restricted to:

  • A car accident resulting from a safety flaw
  • A fall from a ladder while restocking shelves
  • Sustaining an injury due to falling objects in a construction site.

These are only a few examples of some of the most widespread workplace accidents in the UK that have led to both fractured bones and varying degrees of spine injuries.

If you have sustained a broken or fractured bone in your workplace, then take the following actions:

  1. Take clear pictures of where the accident happened.
  2. Take pictures clearly showing your injury.
  3. Get witnesses to collaborate your story in the form of testimonies.
  4. Seek medical treatment.
  5. Keep a written record of the entire activity, including the time, date, and location of the accident. Include as much detail as you can remember.
  6. Contact an experienced solicitor.

These steps, arranged in this order, will ensure that in seeking compensation for your injury, you will be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was caused as a result of your employer’s negligence.

How Do I Claim Compensation For A Fractured Or A Broken Bone In A Public Place?

In addition to the workplace, you can also claim compensation if you sustain any injury in a public place. Examples of such public places include:

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail Stores
  • Local sports centres
  • Any public place owned and managed by a government or public body
  • Any place where you have been the victim of an assault (see below for more details)

There is a wide range of accidents that can occur in public places. Below are some of the most common ones we have come across:

  • Trips and Falls – This can entail anything from you falling from a flight of stairs or a typical slip and fall incident.
  • Car Accidents – This is unarguably the most common type of public accident. When two vehicles collide, the effect of the collision can cause major injuries to the victims. Even minor car accidents can often cause a broken arm or bruise to victims.
  • Motorcycle and cycle accidents – Typically more severe than car accidents, the potential for injuries, including fractures, is high.
  • Assaults – This refers to incidents where you or a person you know has suffered a broken bone or fracture as a result of an assault by another person.
  • Recreation and Sports – Accidents can occur while carrying out any type of physical activity in a gym or sports building. For instance, a bad exercise equipment can lead to an injury.

How Much Do You Get For Fracture or Broken Bone Claims?

From the moment you file a personal injury claim, one vital thing you would like to find out is how much compensation you can claim and how the sum is calculated. However, this process is often complicated, especially if you have sustained a serious injury.

Regardless, we have decided to provide certain examples of what the expected worth of your claim should look like. Bear in mind that every claim is different, and as such, individual circumstances will play a big part in deciding how much your claim is worth. Also, we suggest that you first get in touch with any of our expert personal injury solicitors to go over your options so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Fractured or Broken Arm

£3,100 - £42,250

Depends on what area of the arm is broken or fractured so any amount...

Fractured or Broken Leg

£21,750 - £104,100

The fractured leg will make it difficult or impossible to walk and...

Fractured or Broken Wrist

£2,550 - £44,500

The fractured wrist is unable to remain stable. Acute pain and bruising...

Fractured or Broken Foot

£5,300 - £11,050

This injury disallows for movement and can require you to use a wheelchair...

Several factors are involved in the claim calculation, and multiple variables tend to complicate the process. Another tricky problem is the fact that not all compensation claims can be categorised as single litigation. Regardless of how complex the process may seem, it is crucial that at the very least you have a “ballpark figure,” as it can have a significant impact on the result of your case.


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About Missed Fracture Claims & The Reasons For A Missed Fracture.

When you suffer any kind of broken bone or fracture, be it to your finger, elbow, or spine, it is paramount that it is diagnosed and treated accordingly by a medical expert. Furthermore, the correct treatment must be prescribed to reduce pain and speed up the recovery process.
A missed or misjudged diagnosis can cause:

  • Slow recovery. Such as when the bone isn’t aligned correctly.
  • Increased pain.
  • A long healing procedure.
  • The possibility of additional medical procedures in the future.

Popular Reasons for An Undiagnosed Fracture

While unusual, fractures may go unnoticed by a medical professional for several reasons, including:

  • A lack of X-Ray test carried out owing to the nature of reported symptoms by the patient.
  • Negligence or oversight resulting in a medical professional not deeming an X-ray necessary.
  • Failure to accurately interpret an X-ray result.
  • An X-Ray was either not done, or the result never made it to the doctor.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of an undiagnosed fracture, the experienced personal injury solicitors at our company can help prove that the medical professional in question was negligent in their duty, and this has caused you more pain and resulted in your injury deteriorating more than necessary.

A valid injury claim for medical negligence can be pursued if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the negligence of the medical professional worsened your situation, and you would have been in much better shape had your fracture been diagnosed correctly and the appropriate treatments administered.

Are There Any Time Limits For Making A Broken Bone Or Fracture Claim?

Generally, all fracture and broken bones compensation claims should be made not later than three years after the suffered accident. However, there are no deadlines for making a claim for:

  • Your underage (below 18) child. (They have three years to file the claim themselves once they turn 18).
  • Anybody that lacks the mental capacity to file a claim on their own volition.

Claim for Injuries sustained from any form of violent crime must be made within two years. For accidents that happen abroad, the time frame may vary. This will be highly dependent on the laws of the country where the incident occurred, so It’s best to get in touch with us as early as possible.

What Evidence Can Support My Fractured Or Broken Bone Claim?

Some of the evidence that you will need to authenticate your claim for compensation include some or if possible, all of the following:

  • Pictures from the scene of the accident. Preferably one identifying the cause.
  • Pictures of any sustained injuries, including any fracture or bone damage suffered in the accident.
  • A written logbook report if the incident occurred in your place of work.
  • Testimonies or statements from available witnesses that can corroborate your story. Preferably with their contact information attached.
  • A valid police report if the accident occurred in a public place or a road accident.
  • A valid doctor’s report, highlighting the severity of the fracture.
  • All incurred expenses, including transport bills, medical bills and care bills.

To help your case, the more evidence and supporting documents you can provide to support your broken/fractured bone claim, the higher the chances of you winning the case. Where you plan on filing a claim for compensation, ensure you keep a record of any document related to the accident.

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